Case Study

BAE Systems

High security system created for high security keys

The challenge

For a number of years, we have been working with BAE Systems – a global advanced defence technology company.

BAE Systems relies on us to keep them informed of changes in key management requirements. Especially as those changes relate to properly storing high security keys.

We identified that BAE Systems needed a solution for the upgrade of SCEC key barrels to ensure that SCEC-rated keys are stored and secured according to the Level 3 and 4 requirements.

The solution

Over 12 months, CIC Technology engineers, BAE Systems’ security managers and certified SCEC locksmiths developed a unique solution that offered the highest possible security for storing SCEC rated keys inside KeySecure cabinets.

Following this, we developed a SCEC locksmith training program to provide SCEC locksmiths with a 2-year certification to maintain and replace key barrels in KeySecure cabinets – without affecting the product’s warranty.

The outcome

BAE Systems – and other clients ¬– can now directly engage with locksmiths who are trained and certified by CIC Technology to carry out CIC key cabinet upgrades

Clients now have local SCEC locksmiths who they know and trust, bringing peace of mind with the guarantee that their high security keys are in safe hands