Key Management Software

Smart. Simple. Secure.

When it comes to managing keys, tags and cards, you need a secure and efficient system that you can rely on. You also want a solution that’s flexible and configurable to your unique and changing needs. That’s what you get with KeySecure – and more.

The brains behind it all

What’s the true genius of KeySecure? The smart, intuitive software that sits behind your cabinet.


Our software automatically syncs with your central database to give you real-time access to key usage and transactions.


KeySecure software will sit on your existing network infrastructure – and integrate with your access control system.


CIC Technology maintains certification for the international standard on information management security: ISO 27001. All data sent between cabinet and servers is encrypted – keeping your information 100% confidential.

The features that give KeySecure its edge


A range of customisable alarms ensures your Security Team are immediately notified if there is a security issue at the cabinet including; ‘door forced’, ‘tamper detection’, ‘key timer expired’ or ‘AC power out’.


If an item has been out for too long, an alarm will be generated to notify the manager and/or user to return it.


Each alarm state can be configured to automatically generate an email giving you up-to-date information – even if you’re off site.


With such an intuitive user interface, even the most complex processes are a breeze.

Dual pin sign-out

For added security, more than one user must sign out a sensitive asset before use.

Max keys out

Limit the number of items a user (or user group) can access at any one time, encouraging users to return items diligently.

Same user return

Ensure that the person who took an item is the same person to return it by enforcing ‘same user return.’

Encrypted comms

KeySecure uses 256-bit AES encrypted data to communicate with the cabinets, giving you ultimate peace of mind.


KeySecure communicates using TCP/IP over a standard computer network, giving you instant control over your keys – even at remote sites.

Flexible allocation

Allocate keys or groups of keys to users or user groups to easily alter access profiles as your needs change.

Time zones

Restrict users’ and user groups’ access to certain times of day. For example, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

High-level integration

Set up KeySecure to talk to your other security systems.

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