Case Study


Defence Science & Technology gets a tech upgrade of its own

The challenge

Defence Science and Technology (DST) needed a key management solution to replace its existing key cabinets – many of which were dated and non-compliant.

Some sites had old cabinets and technology, which didn’t meet security requirements. While other sites were relying on loosely regulated manual processes.

This meant that the department was:

Not meeting its required levels of security and compliance

Putting itself at enormous risk

Dealing with huge inefficiencies around personnel handing keys in and out

The solution

Through the project scoping phase, CIC advised DST on how to streamline its processes to manage keys and other assets across their sites and security zones.

Following a stakeholder consultation, CIC provided a custom solution to meet the department’s objectives – on time and within budget.

In 2020, DST decided to upgrade all it key cabinets in Australia to KeySecure Extreme.

The outcome

All relevant stakeholders can now access keys 24/7 – in an organised and intuitive manner and without the high staff overheads

DST can now issue, audit and account for keys from any of their main sites

We have supplied and installed nearly 100 units at DST sites, with new orders still coming in as the department expands.

From the client

”DST has gained significant efficiency with this project. We now have centralised administration of security keys across Australia – and the ability to issue, audit and account for keys from our main sites. This has been a huge departure from our old methods of key management. Thanks CIC Technology for working with us on this large and challenging project.”

Sarah Avakian, Director of Security