Your first line of defence for top-tier key security

Australian designed and made, meet KeySecure Extreme from CIC Technology. It’s the only cabinet in the world to achieve SCEC approval for Security Levels 3 & 4.

Because when it comes to key management in government and defence, your key security must be platinum standard – with zero tolerance for risk.


KeySecure is comprised of 3 core pillars:, high-security cabinets, smart software and comprehensive training and support.


Available in three sizes, KeySecure Extreme cabinets ensure the security of your keys, cards and tags like nothing else.

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Feature-rich and user-friendly, KeySecure Software can be configured to your rules for maximum security and operational efficiency.

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Get the most out of your key control solution with comprehensive training and support services.

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About our business

Founded in Australia in 2001, CIC Technology was driven by our ambition to provide the strongest key security possible – and utmost operational efficiency.

That’s why we developed a solution to automate repetitive activities and provide the tightest key security the world has ever seen.

Known for exceptional customer service and a strong partnership network, CIC Technology is proudly trusted by the Department of Defence and other Australian government agencies.

Our Channel Partner Network

CIC Technology has a wide network of trained and certified channel partners.

Comprised of security integrators and locksmiths across Australia and New Zealand, our network enables extensive coverage and fast response times.

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We can’t wait to demonstrate how KeySecure can provide you with the top-tier security you need.