Case Study


Revamped key solutions for integrated facilities company

The challenge

Spotless and CIC have been working closely together to supply and maintain Electronic Key Management Systems (EKMS) at client sites across ACT, NSW and QLD.

Our mutual goal is to ensure we’re meeting end user needs by understanding each site’s complex, high-level security requirements.

We identified that many of their old EKMSs – both CIC and non-CIC products – did not meet SCEC standards. They were:

Under a legacy compliance

Starting to drop offline

In need of expensive repairs to stay online

These older cabinets no longer served the Department’s needs.

The solution

CIC’s and Spotless’s teams identified all cabinets at Defence sites that were out of service or out of SCEC compliance.

Next, we compiled a plan to replace all faulty and outdated cabinets in every site.

Together, we are progressively executing the project – on time and on budget.

The outcome

Enhanced security across Spotless’s widespread portfolio of Defence clients

Far fewer missing and lost keys

Reduced costs associated with the replacement of keys and locks

Consolidation and alignment of key management systems