4 ways an electronic key management system can save you time

Time is a valuable asset, and one that’s always in short supply. As such, businesses should always look out for solutions that give them some of this precious resource back.

If you’re having to manually manage your business’s keys, CIC Technology’s key cabinets and Keysecure management software is one such time saving product. Here are four ways that CIC Technology’s electronic key management systems save time for your business.

1. Key sign in and out is automated

Time spent every day manually signing in and out keys can be better spent – with an electronic key cabinet, this process is automated. Once allocation and authorisation for each key is set in the Keysecure management software, the signing in and out keys is handled entirely electronically.

This is beneficial for both sides of the key management coin – the person getting the key out doesn’t have to wait for the administrator, who in turn doesn’t have to be constantly interrupted during the day.

Imagine, for example, someone gets to work 20 minutes early but can’t start because they have to wait for the key manager to arrive. With an electronic cabinet, this kind of time loss is avoided.

When key sign in and out is automated, it can save a lot of time.When key sign in and out is automated, it can save a lot of time.

2. Keys don’t all have to be in one place

When all the keys in an organisation are held in one place, it can make it unnecessarily difficult for people to get keys if they aren’t located close to where they’ll be used. When the space your organisation covers is extensive, one place to collect and return keys is just adding extra steps for your employees each day.

With electronic key cabinets in multiple locations, employees or contractors can simply grab the key they need and go, instead of having to trudge to a central office. While it might not seem like much hassle, the time saved over a long period can really add up.

3. You’re notified when keys aren’t back when they should be

The time saved over a long period can really add up.

One of the most frustrating things about manually managing keys is finding out someone’s in need of one but it’s already been signed out by someone else. Our Keysecure software can be configured to send you email or SMS notifications with information about the location of your keys and whether or not they’ve been returned when they should have been.

A handy feature, sure, but a time saver? Certainly. Consider a scenario where a key has to be back in time for another person to use it – a car key for one of the fleet, for example. In a manual management key system, you might only realise it hasn’t been returned when the next person comes to pick it up. The result is you having to drop what you’re doing and chase a key. With our key cabinets, you can be informed straight away when something isn’t where it should be, giving you a chance to remind the keyholder to bring it back in plenty of time.

4. The chance of keys being lost is diminished

Many keys going in and out each day can compound the chances of a mistake being made with a pen and paper system. Sometimes keys just disappear, with seemingly no record of where they went – one the almost inevitable downsides of a manual key management system. Not only does losing a key cost you money, it also is a big waste of time, as whatever the key was for can be out of action until you get a new one.

With a CIC solution, the chances of this happening are greatly diminished as key locations are tracked more accurately and closely.

Interested in learning more about how electronic key management systems save time for your business? Request a free demo today and a member of our team will show you how our products can enhance your business’s efficiency.

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