Keep Your Keys Safe with a Tamper Proof Key Ring

Your keys are important, especially when you use them to lock up valuable items and property. That’s why it is important to keep your keys safe. Keys can be kept safe and secure with a tamper proof key ring.

Tamper Proof Key Rings or secure key rings, remain secured once they are sealed shut making it next to impossible to steal from the ring. If someone does manage to get to your key, you’ll know about. Each ring is Tamper Evident, and is marked with a unique serial number. Because the rings are Tamper Evident, it means that someone can’t come along and swap out a key without notice. WIth the unique serial number associated with each Tamper Proof Key Ring you will always know when something has happened to your keys.

Tamper proof key rings are available in two different styles: solid and flexible steel. Solid key rings are similar to a typical key ring because the  metal is solid hardened steel. Flexible key rings are thinner and made with a braided stainless steel. These types of key rings range in size from 3 centimeters (.5″) to 9 centimeters (3.5″), allowing for up to 150 keys to be grouped together.

There are three important tools you will need to work with when using your key rings. The closing tool clamps down on the ring to squeze the ends shut whilst you crimp it. The crimping tool is a thin, small tool that joins the two ends of the ring together to create a smooth seal. The final tool, the cutting tool, cuts the ring so you can remove your keys.

You can identify your keys with colorful tags that easily fit onto the key ring before crimping. These tags are small and come in a variety of colors that set your keys apart from your coworkers. Keys cannot only be identified on the key rings but can also be hidden from sight. Key shields slide onto the key to hide it from prying eyes when the keys are stored in a secure key cabinet.

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