KeySecure Software for advanced key management

C.Q.R.iT key safes and lockers use the most cutting edge technology, especially when it comes to securing property. C.Q.R.iT units make use of RFID technology, accessories for electronics and tamper-proof features. C.Q.R.iT storage units are highly versatile and will fit any home, office, school, hospital, hotel, file room or storage area. KeySecure software, the brains behind the C.Q.R.iT ensures that these versatile units are organized with only authorized personnel being able to access the contents within a unit.

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KeySecure software manages access to allow workers at companies or enterprises to secure keys amongst themselves. Keep in mind, the oversight of keys can expand beyond doors in buildings or offices and can be useful in establishments such as car dealerships, car rental shops, and impound lots. KeySecure can be responsible for the keys to cars in a dealership lot to expensive vehicles in a limousine service and will not fail. Meaning KeySecure will prevent thieves from stealing keys to vehicles and can alert owners to a possible theft through the use of RFID tracking.


School and personal lockers work just as well for the KeySecure system. Books, school supplies and personal possessions can also be safe and accounted.  KeySecure can tell if there something in the locker or the last time the locker was accessed. Both the C.Q.R.iT deposit and asset lockers use this software to safely manage contents.

Cabinets and Safes for Valuables

Even a home setting will welcome KeySecure with any of the storage units. The software can prevent intrusion from a home invader or someone stumbling into the wrong side of the house. The system is easy to use yet secure enough to guarantee no mishaps if there are children in the home. For added peace-of-mind among gun owners, anyone can mount a C.Q.R.iT locker on the wall to better protect family. It’s just like having a safety deposit box in the home.

Remember, all of these software features also apply to C.Q.R.iT eXtreme devices. All safes and lockers can be secured with a fingerprint or a prox card to help with extra protection. KeySecure works for younger and older users and can easily be taught to those who are unfamiliar with the system. For more information on usage of KeySecure software, please contact us.

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