What are the benefits of an efficient fleet key management system?

Whether your business owns one vehicle or a whole fleet, there are certain responsibilities that you need to manage. Creating an efficient system offers your company many benefits. Do you know what they are, and how you can easily set up and maintain your own fleet management?

What is fleet management?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to own vehicles for their employees to use for company purposes. Monitoring how they are used and who has access is important, which is where fleet management comes into play.

Companies need to ensure they are abiding by the law when it comes to their fleet and its use. Only individuals who are legally able to drive should have access. Additionally, it’s essential that vehicles are available when they’re needed, and that you’re regularly maintaining them.

Efficient fleet management ensures that your organisation benefits from its pool of commercial vehicles while also supporting the safety of your employees.

fleet-key-management-systemMonitoring and managing a fleet of vehicles is often time consuming and difficult. Do you know how to make a more efficient system?

What are the benefits of efficient fleet management systems?

You might believe that having a pool of vehicles is the beginning and end of fleet management. However, investing in systems to monitor your fleet efficiently brings many benefits.

Enhanced vehicle security

A good fleet management system ensures your vehicles are only accessible by the people you’ve granted permission to. Not only does this mean the system keeps your keys, but they’re stored in such a way that not all of them are immediately at hand when an employee goes to use a vehicle. If someone tries to gain entry to the keys without permission, the system will raise an immediate alarm to notify you.

Maximised productivity

Your business needs to have vehicles available for when employees require them. Efficient fleet management allows you to better track and schedule use, so that you know when a vehicle’s been taken out, for how long and by whom. It should also alert you if a key’s been gone for too long. This way you know whether you need to check up on where the vehicle is and ensure another car is available if necessary.

Knowing how long your vehicles are in use for allows you to monitor schedules and better plan jobs. For example, consider any regular deliveries that your business makes. Being able to see when a staff member takes too long on the job means you can check in with them to find out if what issues are delaying them.

Without a decent system for managing your fleet in place, there’s a chance that your employees will go to use a vehicle only to find that there are none available. Additionally, without a way to track keys and monitor car use, you won’t know if employees are taking vehicles out for longer than necessary. Increasing visibility over your fleet means you can ensure it’s used productively.


An efficient fleet management system needs to ensure accountability. Tracking who had which car at what time brings with it many benefits for your business, including:

  • Being able to better investigate vehicle damage.
  • Monitoring individual delivery performance stats.
  • Tracing fuel usage and extra kilometers on the odometer to certain users.

Better customer service

Customer service is everything in the business world. It influences your company’s image, encourages referrals and brings in repeat work. Your fleet is meant to help you provide great service, not hinder it.

Efficient fleet management does just that. It enables your employees to always have the tools at hand for the job when they need them. Knowing they’re being held accountable means your employees are more likely to act appropriately while using a vehicle. For example, knowing the company monitors key usage aids in employees being much more aware of whether they’re making deliveries on time.

Make sure you provide your customers with better service using an efficient fleet management software. Make sure you provide your customers with better service using an efficient fleet management software.

How CIC’s fleet key management technology can help

Our fleet key management technology helps you monitor and control your fleet. It does this by providing you a raft of features designed to make your management simpler and more efficient. These include:

  • Restricting access so that users are only able to remove certain keys they have permission for.
  • Receiving alerts if a vehicle has been out for too long.
  • High level security to ensure no unauthorised use.
  • The ability to limit key sign outs to one at a time.
  • Complete and accurate electronic records showing who was driving which vehicle and when.
  • Multiple location management.

KeySecure, the software system, gives you the full picture of how your fleet is functioning. With the ability to handle complex permissions as well as creating access schedules, your business can set up an efficient fleet key management system.

CIC Technology specialises in key management technology, ensuring our clients gain the right solutions for their needs. If you’d like to know more about how we can ensure your fleet is managed efficiently, contact a member of our team today.

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