How secure are key safes?

In the business world, key safes take on a whole new meaning. They’re full-blown electronic key management systems that allow organisations to determine how employees access the cabinet and control these permissions via sophisticated software. With the right product, you can protect your business to the same standard as government agencies.

How secure are commercial key safes?

Commercial key cabinets are much more robust than the small boxes many people use at home. Holding up to 100 keys, these systems are made from stronger materials that can withstand significant physical damage. Even inside the cabinet, individual keys are only released if the correct access information has been entered and their tamper-proof design prevents keys from being detached without authorisation.

However, it’s the full suite of software controls that really allows organisations to customise their internal security arrangements. Intuitive, secure key management software allows organisations to create complex access policies that are tailored both to individual keys and employees. Administrators can ensure keys are only released to certain users, or according to agreed protocols – such as two-person authentication. This type of control means that not only does your key safe prevent external criminals from getting access to your building and assets, it restricts access within the organisation too.

Key release according to the individual access permissions granted to the employee involved and the credentials they provide.

What makes a commercial key safe so secure?

It’s this combination of physical strengthening and customisable access control that makes commercial key safes so secure. Together, they not only prevent unauthorised access but work to streamline the process so that it’s less prone to human error and fully adaptable to organisational change.

Physical security features

Dual-point locking

CIC Technology’s commercial cabinets come with a dual-point locking mechanism involving two metal pins on the inside body. This makes it extremely difficult to open the cabinet through force. For extra protection, our high-security key cabinets come with triple-point locking.

Strong metal exterior

Unlike some of the smaller key safes you see widely available, our key management cabinets are entirely metal. There’s no flimsy plastic at all, meaning our cabinets are fully attack proof.

Tamper-proof features

Each hook comes with a sealed tamper-proof key ring, making it impossible to remove or substitute a key without detection. Our high-security key cabinet range is also designed so that cable entry points are hidden and all edges have double returns to maintain extra strength.

Our high-security range of key cabinets comes with extra physical protection.

Software security features

  • Alarms – Stay aware of anything that could be a sign of unauthorised access. If the software detects someone attempting to force the door, if the power goes out or a key hasn’t been returned within the timeframe you programmed, the system alarm kicks into gear.
  • Notifications – Notify key individuals when an alarm is triggered no matter where they are at that particular moment using email and SMS notifications.
  • Same user-return – Keep control of your keys even when they’re signed out by activating same-user return. Here, only when the same user credentials are entered can the key be returned. This promotes accountability, and stops individuals carelessly mislaying keys or passing them onto someone who shouldn’t be using them.
  • Dual PIN sign out – Add another layer of security to your key safe by requiring the presence of two people in order to release a key. Both users must enter their access details before the item is released, so you can be sure only the right people are accessing your most valuable keys.

Why a commercial key safe supports your security policies

The overarching benefit of a good-quality commercial key cabinet is the flexibility it gives to your internal processes and systems. With sophisticated software controls, there’s no need to stick with outdated security protocols because it’s too complicated or costly to change them. As your organisational requirements change, key control software enables you to adapt on the spot, whether you need to amend permissions for individual users or an entire group. You don’t have to stick with an out-of-date policy or invest in new equipment to stay secure.

There’s no need to compromise on your security preferences because it’s too complicated.

Commercial key safes also allow every business to protect their assets using the type of access credentials that best suit their environment. Use PIN code, fingerprint or facial recognition technology according to the level of security you want and the practicalities of your workplace.

Finally, this type of system doesn’t rely on one key staff member who manages the sign-in/sign-out process or who holds the only key to the cabinet. Your team can access keys whenever they need to – especially important to shift workers or out-of-hours emergencies – without your overall security being compromised.

At CIC Technology, we’ve designed a range of secure key cabinets suitable for every business. Whether you’re looking for government-level security, or just a way of streamlining the sign-out process, we’ve got the right solution for you. Get in touch today for more information.

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