Key cabinets control access in casinos and the gaming industry

Casinos are places where people go to dance with fortune and try their luck at walking away with a huge sum of money. As such, they’re also places where security is a huge concern. With large amounts of cash about, operators need to be sure their key management practices can keep pace with the demands of a bustling casino floor.

Here are four ways CIC Technology’s key cabinets can benefit casinos and gaming venues.

1. Automated sign in and sign out

The casino floor is certainly an exciting place to be, but the hectic environment makes a manual key management system more or less unworkable. With so many people about – dealers changing places, security workers swapping shifts – there needs to be an easy way for people to access the keys they need and return them with little fuss. A manual sign out sheet managed by one person wouldn’t be able to keep track of the whereabouts of the people that are in possession of keys.

A CIC Technology key cabinet can manage access in ways that no manual system can.

2. Greater security around large financial sums

Large crowds means it’s difficult to keep track of all the punters. Sure, employees have uniforms so are somewhat easier to identify, but there’s always going to be too much chaos on the floor for security to keep their eyes on everything. Things like drop boxes and count rooms need to be properly secured, too.

Additionally, it’s not just members of the public casino’s need to be aware of. Despite their best efforts to employee trustworthy people, there are always those who will want to try and cheat the system. With a CIC key management solution, casinos can ensure that only the people who are supposed to have access to those sensitive keys do so.

key-cabinets-for-casinosCasinos are high cash-flow environments – CIC’s key cabinets increase security and reduce risk of theft.

Keys for highly sensitive areas can be more easily controlled with an electronic cabinet. You can even set a dual pin sign out system, whereby more than one person has to be present in order for a certain key to be released. This is great for that extra peace of mind – if one person’s pin is compromised, redundancies are in place to ensure that crucial assets are not at risk.

3. Easily scalable to multiple cabinets

Many large casinos cover an enormous floor space, as well as mazes of corridors, hallways and backrooms. It’s not a place, in other words, where one central key location is a particularly workable solution.

Our KeySecure management software gives administrators the ability to manage the permissions and key distribution over multiple cabinets from one central system.

4. Able to handle large numbers of users

Casino floors are busy places, with huge numbers of people milling about, usually under some fair degree of time pressure. They also need to be able to handle large numbers of people with their key secure systems. Cleaners, contractors, security teams, floor staff all need access to different keys, in an easy-to-manage fashion.

CIC Technology’s key cabinets allow for multiple users to have their own permissions set up. Different people in the casino can all have access to the keys they have permission for. Locking mechanisms inside the cabinet means even when the door is open, only those keys the person is authorised to access are to be removed from the cabinet.

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